Had a neighbor drop over this morning to have me look at a saddle. Unfortunately, it was going to cost more to fix it than the saddle was worth and they could jury rig it up and make it get by for awhile.

Then Cedric, they guy I did the leather work on for the camera for, stopped in to drop off a picture. He stayed for dinner and then we went out and tried to get some shots of the horses in the corrals with the camera.

Then, about the time we were getting done, here came another neighbor with a load of cows. Cedric took some pictures of him with his truck then we went in the house where it was warmer and had coffee and some cherry roll that Cindy had made. I am waiting for the tractor to warm up to go give the cows a bale.

While working on a leather project for a lady yesterday I did a boo boo and so needed more leather, so we ran to Rapid to get some and do some Christmas shopping.

It was a great night at the Finals for us last night as all the South Dakota saddle bronc riders got a check. Poor ol’ Cody DeMoss with his busted shoulder tried to ride one but couldn’t quit get it done. I’ve heard a few remark they thought he was kind of stuck on himself. Might be so, but he can dang sure ride and he’s gritty! And that dang Jesse Wright is a bronc ridin’ son of a gun! Spurred plumb over the mane on his saddle bronc and won his third round! Boy, that guy can ride too. Great boncs and riders down there this year! Hats off to Red Lemmel and the ones responsible for the bronc there!

Pretty nice day today. Lite south breeze and almost up to thirty. Supposed to blow tomorrow tho’ with a slight chance of snow.

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