About 35 degrees when I finally decided it had warmed up enough to go to work this morning. But the south wind is picking up. Horses were close so I opened the gate and shook a bucket and captured Mijo and Pilgrim. I saddled Mijo and then let him stand to warm his back while I took care of some business in the house. Then went out and rode thru’ the cattle, looking for sick calves. Luckily, I didn’t find any. Did find some grouse and deer. rode up on a sleeping white tail buck and thought maybe he was dead. Nope, I just had the wind on him. I hollered at him  and he studied me for awhile and then decided he’d better leave. When he left another small buck went out also and then a tiny buck. None would make nice racks, tho’ the bigger of the two big ones had a tall narrow rack and should sure be culled this season. Probably someone will get all excited and think he’s a trophy and shoot him. Bet when they walk up they will be amazed and the horn shrinkage! That’s usually the case. Buck fever is a bad thing! 😉

When I got home I stuck Mijo in the horse trailer as I am going over to the neighbors after bit to help them brand their fall calves. Wind is supposed to howl, so it ought to be interesting. Sure got a cold bite to it.

Buck went long with me and was very good. He is not scared of mad mama cows, but smart enough to get out of their way. I am liking him more and more.