The great hunt

Had fun. Did not shoot one bird. I decided I needed heavier loads and better aim. But still had a lot of fun. Met quite a few new people and really enjoyed my traveling partner. I met him at Enning and we visited all the way down and back. We both tend towards ADHD so it was funny. There were enough birds shot and many didn’t want theirs so I brought my limit home. Got things ready for a storm supposed to be coming in on Saturday. Cindy rode Beaver and I rode Mijo and be brought the pairs back across the road and let them go north where there is quite a bit of fresh green grass grown up. Short, but lots of it. Should keep the calves gaining.

We took Bob and Buck with us and they both worked really well. I doctored one calf with droopy ears. We never used to get these sick calves. I guess we are all raising weenie calves!

We went to Punkin center and I got some shavings to put in their pens and then also filled the dog house and the pens with hay, to make it warmer and smell better. We stopped over to Bob and Suzies and got some horseradish they had ground up on Sunday. Wow! It is strong! Then we ran up to Brad and Becca’s and picked up my knife I lost and Becca found. Now off to Mass. It’s All Hallows Eve and there may be a few spooks and goblins running round the country. Hope they are satisfied with the candy Cindy bought!

Sure was a beautiful fall day! Taking a butcher critter to be processed for Chance and his boss, tomorrow.

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