Gonna warm up a little

Supposed to get up in the 90’s today. Not much breeze today, but they are calling for the wind to blow tomorrow.

Cindy and I drove down to a Memorial service for the father of a friend, in Wall last night. Cindy hadn’t been there in awhile so she got to see some of her old working partners, from when she worked down there. On the way back, the car bumped and jumped, so I guess it’s time to run it over to the garage and jack it up and knock the dust off the insides of the rimes, which throws the wheels out of balance. As long as you stayed under 50 mph, it wasn’t bad. I suggested she could do that this morning, and then take it somewhere and have the rims cleaned out or she could drive my pickup and I’d do it. Seeing as my pickup is gone and her car is setting here, evidently she decided on the latter!

The things I do for that women! 😉

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