We went out and worked on the dump rake. I think we have it working this time. I never was too mechanical. As Marty is always saying to me, “Son! Get away from that wheelbarrow, you don’t nothing about machinery!” 😉

We all got hot so came in the house to cool down. Later we will get the horses in and I will either ride or rake, depending. Maybe after Gramma gets home to stay with the kids.

I ran up to Spearfish last night and listened to Ken Cook and Paul Harris pout on a whale of a show. good entertainers and great fellers. Got to see some friends and just thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Well worth the hour and a half drive.

Got a gig at New Underwood tomorrow afternoon to celebrate the “Day of the Cowboy”. If your close, run over as it will be a good one.

By the way, have I mentioned Inky Dinky Crybaby cat yet? Got her/him at church a couple weeks ago and he/she is a pain. Especially when your trying to type. From now on I am blaming all typo’s on her/him.