Not real hot but real muggy. Rode Mijo up to the heifers and chased and roped a single(finally, the grass is so tall it’s hard to pick up feet on a running critter. Hell it’s hard for me to catch them when they are standing still, in good conditions! 😉  ) and doctored her for a sore foot. I see a couple more who need attention. I brought a couple bulls back as that was my original intent, and a silly heifer wanted to come along. I trailed them all back and sorted the two bulls off and let the silly girl back out. I will go back with a fresh horse after bit and see if she made it back. I left all the gates open so she might have.

Had a lady come here yesterday who’s great great aunt was married to my grandfathers brother. She showed me all kind of family history so i may have to see if I can afford a subscription to In the past, anyone who tried to trace our family history back, came to a stop when great grampa enlisted in the Civil War for the North. ( why do they call it the civil war, I don’t think it was very civil!)

I have to go with Cindy tomorrow as she has a doc appointment. Going to check her colon or something. She has to drink a whole bunch of nasty stuff to clean her out. They told me I should do this also but I think I am fine. 😉

Then I have a gig on Saturday. Been going to this one for several year. It’s a Cancer benefit trail ride and I and some others entertain afterward’s. Always a fun time.