Went up and re-fixed a creek crossing that I had fixed once this spring, that washed out again. I am not complaining. I’d rather fight mud than dust!

This morning early, Fr Tyler and Chance and I butchered a heifer that Chance’s boss is buying for the crew. We just gutted her and Chance hauled her to the butcher shop. We were up at 5 and he got out of here in good season, as they were going to finally get to shear and they are haying also. He stayed over last night after everyone else left. Hope got a bad, bad sunburn while watching the parade. So I bet she is sore today!

This afternoon Cindy and Fr Tyler and I went over to a neighbors dam and I caught a nice bass on the first cast. Only one we caught, but he was big enough for the 3 of us to all get our fill of fish. He was mild flavored and weighed about 3 pounds and was 18 inches long. Pretty cool to out fish the Padre!

Need to get another creek crossing or two fixed in the next couple days and then gather bulls and put some in with our cows.

Got a call today from a lady who is kind of related. Her great grandmother was married to my grand fathers brother, who homesteaded here also. She is supposed to be out tomorrow and I will show her the homestead and perhaps we can find where her great grandmother homesteaded over by White Owl. A neighbor who works in the courthouse put us in touch with each other. Thanks Katy!

Cindy’s family had a family reunion on Saturday while I was gone to Martin and one of her uncles and his wife are supposed to stop in tomorrow also.