Rain and more rain

On Sunday I and a couple neighbors drove over to another neighbors to brand. It drizzled on us all day while we sorted off the calves and worked the cows then we decided to run the calves thru’ and give them over eating shots, just in case. We put the calves in a shed and went in and ate some lunch then after dinner we penned the calves out in portable panels on grass, away from the mud of the corrals and it kept drizzling as we branded the calves. Afterwords we had to take the scenic route across pastures to get bask to a good gravel road, while several people rode out and led the horses, to avoid throwing the horses around in the trailers. One young feller miss judged the distance and slope at one gate right at the yard and had to be pulled sideways to avoid tearing out the corner post and scratching up his trailer. But we all made it out, wet and bedraggled. I loaned my coat to a young lady and wore my slicker over my vest and stayed warm but my hat weighed 5 or 10 pounds from all the rain it soaked up, seems like.

When I got home we had our friends from Iowa here. So the lady and I rode for a tight bagged cow yesterday that we found a lost calf of hers. The calf was off wandering around with some yearling steers. We brought the cow in and she is old and lame and only has 3 quarters , so I tied her up and let him suck yesterday afternoon. When I went to get her in this morning, she was a little on the fight and didn’t care to claim her calf so I said the hell with it and we will feed him on a bottle and she will go to the sale. Dumb ol’ rip of Chances! We got to feed one calf on a bottle, it ain’t much more work to feed another one.

Had a family come last night and they took a horse Kieth had dropped off and Patches the ugly little POA to try out. I think they will get along well with both of them, from what I saw. And looks like they will both have a good home.

Supposed to go to another branding tomorrow and ride in from the hiway. We’ll see. 😉

We have over an inch and a half right now from last night and this morning. I drove Cindy’s car down to Punkin Center and left it for tomorrow and all the creeks and draws are running water. Must be time to get my kayak out again! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rain and more rain

  1. Well, sounds like you are getting the rain you wanted! The only problem is that once it starts it doesn’t want to stop 😉 Nothing worse than having to work out in the nice damp weather. Now all you need is some web feet 🙂

  2. I seen some webs growing between my toes this morning. Well, that or mold or just grunge! 😉

    And I ain’t cussing this wonderful rain. I seen dust last a lot longer around here then mud ever did! 🙂

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