Spring work

Went to Ricks and branded yesterday. Nice and cool but not too cold. Went well.

After Cindy got home I rode Beav up the creek to doctor a heifer with a sore foot. Got that done and noticed I had a few yearlings in on Darrel. While I was looking for the hole in the fence he came along and pushed them back and they found it. He went to patching and I was going to head home for Purple and fencing supplies. He mentioned he’d seen a baby calf with some steers. I looked and couldn’t find him, so assumed he had gotten back with his mother. As I was jogging along I noticed some steers and here is the little bay, mothered up to a steer. He was just born yesterday. I tried to get him to follow Beaver but that didn’t work too well. So I dropped a loop over him and pulled him up into the saddle with me, but he got to kicking Beav in the front shoulder and that didn’t work very well either!

So I tied him by a front and back leg, loped home and got Purple and Cindy and we went and picked him up and went looking for a cow with a tight bag, looking for her calf. Never could find one, tho’ there was one of Chances old red cows grannying another cow’s calf. So we brought him home, fed him some milk and he is living with Fred until I can find his mother.

I am headed over to Glen J’s to brand after bit. When I get home this afternoon I will ride and see if I can find a tight bagged cow.

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