Got better than an inch of rain last night. The lying rain gauge said 2 inches, but there was a flat sided cake pan setting on the steps and it measures an inch with a ruler. Guess I need to throw the gauge away. It came from a so-so bank I don’t use, so you know you don’t want to trust it’s judgment too much! 😉

Branded at a neighbors yesterday. I had to leave early as Cindy called me to tell me the cattle were on their way. I guessed at how long they would take to get here, left after the bigger bunch was done and the trucks started pulling in about 10 minutes after I did.

Then another load came from a buddy over east of here and me and the owner of the other cattle killed time until he got here. He brought me a couple of real gentle horses to try out. I know some people who are looking for a horse for their children and the wife. Hopefully one of these will work and the other will be a good safe mount for my grandkids until the smaller younger horse, Crackerjack gets some more years and riding on him.

Cindy and I drove around up the creek, looking at cattle and shutting some gates. Got another branding today but because of rain they are going to wait until after dinner and see if it dries up. Should as the wi9nd is supposed to blow.

In the evening Cindy talked to the vet where Spike was and we decided to go check on him and hopefully bring him home. He was a sad little puppy. But Cindy loaded him up and he seems a lot happier now that he is home. They got him hydrated and on some pills for his stomach and hopefully he will mend fast.

Here’s a few pictures from up the creek. Click on them to embiginate.