Another branding

They held off until after dinner. Went well other than a young lady got bucked off and they called the ambulance to take her in for doctors care.She didn’t break any bones, just bruised her up. She’s tuff, she will heal quick!

After her and her husband left, they oldest son was roping and dragging when a calf rimfired his horse and the horse hogged around the young boy came off, but was none thew worse for wear. Wasn’t a very good day for bronc rides in that family, today!

Got another one tomorrow and then a day off.

I cut calves until the last pen and then they let me rope. Guess they figured the crew needed a rest! 😉

9 thoughts on “Another branding

  1. sounds like the one I was at……..”new” ground crew, no experience so the old man had to supposedly show ’em how………got the snot knocked outa me……didn’t do a very good job of instructin’ I guess……..

    1. “didn’t do a very good job of instructin’ I guess……..”

      Yeah, right!

      When I was a wee lad, if I wasn’t getting my butt chewed out, I knew I was doing it right. A system that worked well! Wish we still used it, at times!

  2. Hey, how about you come by and push these bits around in this database and I go to the next branding? 😉 Other than the wrecks sounds like good times.

    1. Mike if we do this, I want to make a bet with you that the people you work with and around are going to much sadder than the people I would normally work around. 😉

    1. We had a lot of young people today at the one I went to and it went great. Age doesn’t seem to have much relationship between good hands and piss poor ones!

  3. Oh, boy, I am really enjoying farm work on the ground real well, did I mention that I wanted to have the chance to go to a ranch and experience things, I think I had a change of heart 😉 LOL

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