Another good day

I tried to sort off all the pairs this morning, but the non calved cows decided different and went where I was putting the pairs. seeing as I was supposed to take off and go to Chance and Hopes, I left them all together. I hope to get them all sorted tomorrow. No new calves.

Christel rode along with us and we took a colt to Chance to ride for awhile. Got to eat dinner with the kids and play with the grandkids a short while. Christel and I rode out with Chance as he finished up some chores this afternoon. We found a bummed calf and hauled him back for Chance to graft onto a cow who had lost her calf. He called as we were driving home to say that it worked great. They use Ace on the cow and she really didn’t object and the poor little bugger was hungry so went right to sucking.

When we got home I saddled up Woody and rode around the cows. No new calves. I kept him in for a night horse to use in the morning, see as he was so full of P&V! He is whining in the corral as he is pretty sure he is a stallion and doesn’t want any of them geldings messing with HIS mares! Heavens forbid!

Supposed to get some snow and wind coming in tomorrow evening. It is that time of the year.

Here is a picture that Hope sent of Christel holding Addy Bear with Sam setting alongside.

4 thoughts on “Another good day

  1. Looks like Christel is having a good visit! Addy gets cuter every day. Poor Sam looks like he is ready to get the picture done 😉

  2. Your neice is a beauty… just like little Addy… but you knew that, right? I’d bet on Sam and her becomin’ best of friends, too.

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