These are shots looking northeast, west of the house. Got a strong 2 inches but no wind. Yet!

Went over and helped the neighbor shear. Bob loves working sheep. They bounce and jump and run from him! Wheeee!

He did pretty good for a dumb ol’ cowdog!

Here’s a picture of hm and Delbert’s young dog, Rowdy. Pretty hard to get a good picture of Bob as he’s scared of the camera because of the flash.

At noon I called Cindy to plug in the tractor in case I got home late, so I could feed cows. She called back and said that there was no electricity to plug in to. So when we got about done I headed home. Fiddled around and couldn’t make anything work, so after I harnessed up the team and fed we went to Punkin Center and got some fuses and dog food and came home, when I snapped the top pictures. I swapped out all the cigar fuses and no luck. Then I swapped out a small type fuse and viola! I had electricity! Now when someone calls to tell me they are bringing hay I can plug that cold blooded tractor in to unload it.