I hear he seen his shadow or not, whichever, but supposedly it means we are going to have an early spring. How in the hell can a rodent in Pennsylvania tell what it’s going to do around here?

Oh well, maybe we will have an early spring. I seen lots of spring blizzards in this country so I don’t think it has much effect on the weather!

Warmed up above 0 today and supposed to get up to 30 or so for the next few days and then cool off again. Of course the wind is going to blow.

I been feeding with the tractor the last couple days so as to feed up the drifted in alfalfa hay the deer are ruining. Got it all out to where I can feed the last couple bales with the tam and am ready to use them again. The other horses came into the yard just before this cold set in so I kept them in and been babying them. I put out a l9ot of hay for this little bunch of stock but that is the only way they can keep warm, so I will feed it if I got it and I refuse to starve a critter. Not like some I have read about. Sonsabitches!