Sunday Jan 30, 11

I got my chores done yesterday and then ran in to Spearfish to watch Gabe wrestle. I’d forgot how many people show up at them things! It was fun to watch and all them little people running around was fun, but we sat at the top of a huge gym and it was sweltering. With the odor of sweaty children! Man, I had forgotten what that was like. I guess I am more of a hermit. Too many people for my taste. You couldn’t hardly walk.

Then I went and picked up Cindy when she got off work and we ran up to Deadwood to met fiends fro back east, but they were still putting around in Rapid, so we drove back to Spearfish so Cindy could see and hold Arabelle. Then back to Deadwood and hooked up with our friends. Had a good visit and did some gambling and ate too good.

We headed back to Sturgis where Cindy stayed with her mother and I headed home. My first experience at driving on black ice. I went to turn and the car didn’t turn very well! So I slowly drove to Cindy’s mom’s apartment and when we got there I stuck my foot out of the car and man was it slick. but didn’t look it. I started for home very slowly, every once in awhile I’d stomp on the brakes to see if the road conditions had changed any and as I went east they just got better and better. By the time I was to the Belle Fourche river bridge about 15 miles out from Sturgis the pavement was fine.

This morning there is a cold south eastern breeze blowing and it’s cold in the kitchen. I am supposed to meet Cindy at Punkin’ Center when she gets off work and we will drive to Rapid to do a poetry gig. Snow this afternoon and tonight is predicted. We will probably get a couple 3 inches. Cold too. Not much above zero tomorrow. If I hadn’t told them I would be there, I’d stay home. Oh well, I am always up for a new adventure!

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