I keep forgetting to tell you all about.

When I catch my team in the morning, I let them walk into their stall where I have a bucket in each manger with a little grain for them. Then I go out and grain the colts and some other stuff.

Well, when I came walking back into the barn the other morning, on the day the team had escaped, they had grain in their buckets from that day so when I went to catch them and they were gone, I didn’t add any, just turned them in their stalls.

I walked into the barn and Ron is standing about halfway back out of his stall, looking at the manger kind of funny. I walked up and looked down in his bucket and here was a little, fat mouse in the bucket. I wonder who was shocked worse, that poor little bitty ol’ mouse or that big fat horse who stuck his nose in that bucket? šŸ™‚

Ron has been real careful about sticking his nose in the bucket ever since. Wonder if the mouse tried to bite him? šŸ™‚

Reminds me of Dumbo! LOL