More snow

Coming down lightly, but it is starting to accumulate. Kind of a white world, but fun to feed with a team in falling snow and little to no breeze. It was 22 when I looked, so not too bad. Chance is supposed to be coming to pick up Hope today. She and the boys have been in Rapid at her sister’s the past few days. Hopefully the snow won’t bother them coming and going back. I built him a set of saddle bags as he will be calving some cattle soon down at his job. Sure glad we ain’t supposed to get any until after the 1st of April. Right now, 1st of May looks like a better option!

By the way, for those of you who have commented and haven’t seen it come up, I just went thru’ and found these past comments and for some reason wordpress thought they might be spam. so go and look and most of them are on here now. I had to delete a couple as they were spam or some kind of nonsense. For all you new people who have commented, thank you. Nice to know some people read this drivel! 🙂

2 thoughts on “More snow

  1. Drivil, my butt. You’re on my must-read list even on the days when I’m not pretending to be cowboy.

    Speaking of leatherwork, one of these days I’m going to seek your counsel on project. I want to make two holsters for single actions — one for the .22 Ruger and the other for the big .45 Black Hawk. I haven’t sewn leather in years and years. I suspect the first challenge is to find a place to buy a slab of bull hide without feeling like I’m payng for the whole blamed critter.

    1. Thanks! If I can be of any helkp, let me know. I suppose I could ship you some skirting leather.When I build mine, I cover the gun in several layers of plastic wrap or big plastric bags and then wet form the leather to the guns and let it dry.I have a few patterns if you need them, but the best is to just build a pattern.


      —– Original message —–

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