Dang! I never did my blog on the first which would have been 1/1/11! Next time!


Kids and grandkids are all gone. 😦

Kind of quiet around here again. But Hope stayed in Rapid for a doctor appointment so Cindy is supposed to bring her back out later this week and I will have two munchkins to “help” me. 🙂

Takes a little longer to do the chores now with the new cattle of Chances.  I need to get some more hay in too.

Sun is shining and it’s not real warm with the wind blowing, but still way better than it was. Come on January thaw!

3 thoughts on “1/3/11

  1. I bet it seems quite, I hate the thought sometimes of when my two older ones leave the nest. I tell the hubby that it will be nice to have the house to ourselves but we all know how much we miss them when they are gone. Just 20 inches left and your blanket will be on its way!

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