Grampa had a helper today to do chores. Hope brought Sam and Gus out yesterday and stayed over for a spell. So I found some old chaps of one of Gus’s uncles or his dad’s to help keep his legs warm and we went chorin’. He was a real big help!

3 thoughts on “12.8.10

  1. The pictures are beautiful. You caught the essences of one little grandson’s day. A lucky little guy, that one. When you say you are feeding “bean”, is that something mixed with soy beans?

    1. Thanks Bev, Yeah, it’s extruded soybean, mixed with salt to limit the amount they eat each day. We’d like them to eat about a pound or a little less a day. It’s a minimum of 40% protein and 12% fat, so if they eat a pound of this, it more than meets their nutritional needs, when they graze. The could eat a pound of this and cardboard and they’d do good. If you could get them to eat cardboard. They do eat the old dried out grass and this year there was a lot of fresh green grass from the fall moisture. Even the old brown grass has quite a bit of food value to it.

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