Monday 12/6/10

Another beautiful day, tho’ pretty darn crispy this morning!

Got the cattle fed and then went up to the neighbor to the west and loaded and hauled calves to Philip, for tomorrows sale. He took a trailer load also and then he will take a truck load tomorrow.

After we dropped off the calves and ate a bite I stopped and put some checks in the bank then went to the grocery store. Because I always carry a pistol in my pickup, it’s my habit to always lock my doors, except when at home. I have an extra set of keys hanging on the flipper switch for tilting the wheel. Normally I just stick them in my pocket in case I screw up and forget to take the keys out of the ignition. Today I screwed up and forgot to take the keys out of the ignition. and also forgot to take the keys off the flipper switch. Damn!

Luckily, the place I bought Teddy at was just a block down the street, so I called them on my cell phone and they knew the serial number for the pickup so they cut me a new one. It worked!

Now I have an extra, extra key! And it only cost $22!


How cool is that?


I hate getting old and losing my mind. 😦

Now, off to watch the WNFR on TV! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Monday 12/6/10

  1. I carry a little key ring in my pocket with a house key and one for both trucks and the car….and do you want to know how many times we have gotten locked out anyhow? Even at the fair? An embarrassing way too many. lol glad you got out so easily.

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