Sunday Dec 5, 10

Boy is it a beautiful day out there! Sun is shining, making the snow all sparkly. About 27  above as I write this. Not hardly a breeze. Makes me want to hook to a sleigh with the team and give somebody a ride! Maybe when Cindy gets home, or tomorrow.

Fed the calves, old cows some hay and opened the gate so they can go pick. seemed like the old cows figured out they will get fed some bean in a bunk, so they ought to all come in tomorrow morning for their bean. Might just mix some with salt and self feed them like I do the cows up the creek.

Been printng off lots of music from the Hymn book. Goit a young feller who is starting to play bass with me at church and his sister now lives close and was at church last night. He wasn’t there so I sent his music off with her so she can practice and I printed more off for him this morning. She plays the violin and her new husband also plays some instrument but didn’t find out what. I suggest they have a house warming/jam session so we could practice and she sounded up for it. Sure is great to get these young folks in church. Especially when they have kids. They worry about the noise their kids make but us old folks don’t. They ain’t gonna learn nothin’ if you wait to take them when you have rigid control of them. And church (at least ours, anyway) seems to be good for people. Young and old alike. I know my week sure goes better when I’ve been to Mass.

And I have to go play some Christmas songs for some folks this week. Also I volunteered to play music for another small church on Christmas eve before we have our Mass. They have no musician, and while I ain’t a very good one, I can pound out a tune that they can follow along with singing. and who don’t like to sing Christmas song, beside the Grinch? 🙂

Bet my fingers are going to get sore with all the practice, but hell, if I played as often as I should they would be in shape anyway! 🙂

Any of you know the song, Alleluia, Hurry the Lord is Near? Man! We rock out on that one! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sunday Dec 5, 10

  1. Hi Robert,isn’t that your favorite hyme at church?I’ve heard alot about how good you folks do that song.Anyway I totalley agree going to Mass just makes my week complete,and last night at Mass Our Lady of Victory,we had 3 folks thats one more than most saturdays,thats o.k. it’s tough to make it in ranch country at 4:30.and it’s like having our own private Mass!

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