Oct 7, 10

Got the pasture calves shipped. I messed up. We had decided to do them on Sunday but I got it mixed up. When we had them in and sorted I called the guy and asked if that was the right day and he said, no it wasn’t, but it would actually work better. So they came and got them and I got a bunch of bawling cows.

I will kick them out today and go start looking for a couple yearlings and setting gates so it’s handy to gather and ship the yearlings on Saturday.

Gee, maybe I better go check that Saturday is the right day! 🙂


By the way, if you are on Facebook, go check out the cute video I posted of Gus playing  his guitar and singing along.

2 thoughts on “Oct 7, 10

  1. I have to agree with Linda on that one;) I will check out facebook. I am winding the warp for your stuff and I will be emailing some pictures when I get a chance!

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