Oct 4, 10

Chance and Hope and boys were home this weekend. We shipped some steers on Saturday and just rode a little on Sunday. Cindy and I went to a party for the people she works with, on Saturday afternoon and evening. First time I ever ate Walleye. Not bad. Still tastes like fish tho’, but not real strong. We had a good time. It was fun to get to see Gus and Sam again too.

We are shipping some pastured calves on Wednesday and the rest of the yearlings on Saturday. Then our calves go the following week on Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Oct 4, 10

    1. They are split into bunches of calves that are close to weight and size. Someone buys each bunch and unless it is the same buyer, they go all over. Lighter weights go south to wheat pasture and heavier ones to the feedlot. Mid weights to a background lot and then back on grass as yearlings.

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