Worked on  re-building a fence yesterday. Got up in the 80’s so maybe wasn’t the best day. But I got it done. Scott Vance came down and looked at the steers that were summered here. We found a dead one. There was one who just had been a dink all summer and I think it was him, as this isn’t a very big steer. I need to go catch a horse and ride and look around at cattle.

Chance and I were going to sell calves on the 5th, but we’ve decided to wait a couple weeks as they haven’t really got the corn harvest started too much and we think when they do, the prices on corn will come down and calf prices will go up. Hopefully that is good thinking. And if we wait a couple weeks the calves will be a little heavier as there is plenty of feed.

Calm yesterday, but windy today.

5 thoughts on “9/29/10

  1. How often do you actually lose one or more? Sorry you lost the one. I hate it when it happens but I quess you do all you can and that has to be enough.

    1. It goes in streaks Lisa. Sometimes you will lose several over the course of the summer and other times none. This one was sickly all year he was here. Typical. They die just a little before it is time to sell them!

      Usually only lose a healthy one to lightning.

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