Sept 27, 10

Today is Tate’s birthday. Don’t seem like it was just 28 years ago today. I do remember that he made us lose some sleep even at that early of an age, as he was born early in the morning.

Kelvin flew home on Saturday. I will miss him around here. But he left some stuff, so I know he is coming back!

Had a great time at Hot Springs this weekend. Andy Nelson was the MC and Chuck Larsen from Saratoga and the Waggoners from up by Bowman were the other entertainers. Sure was a good show. Two weeks it will be Valentine and also Alzada. We have a party to go to on Saturday night so won’t make it to either one.

Weather is warm and windy. Looks like it will stay that way for a spell. Ought to put all the rain to work helping to green up the grass.

4 thoughts on “Sept 27, 10

  1. Really a pleasure to meet and visit with you this past weekend – didn’t realize you were a saddle maker or I would have shared my custom saddle poem with you. Hope to see you down the road soon –

    1. Jarle, Yeah it was great meeting you guys too. Heck, just go ahead and post your poem on here. We will all enjoy reading it!

      Now, make that women eat some beef! đŸ˜‰

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