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Chance came home and we got them done yesterday. Beautiful day. Small but efficient crew.

Here’s some pix.

Seems to like to do that a lot lately. Had some tornado’s in the area south and east of us the other night when we got all the rain. One up by Faith that made it on the Weather channel. Neighbor sat and watched one go about a half mile from him, down thru’ the breaks. He said it looks like someone took a Cat and worked up the ground and ripped up trees.

I went up past the old town of Fairpoint yesterday and helped brand. Good crew, but tuff roping in the wind. Yesterday evening, me and Gramma drove down and checked all my tanks I had been working on. all are holding water and working as they are supposed to.

The guy who has the yearling heifers here is bringing out bulls today. I need to get them moved to fresh pasture so that will work out handy.

Did you guys all check the post before the post with the poem, that had the pictures of the antelope babies? Didn’t see many comments. Sometimes I post twice or more in a day.

I got the idea from this by seeing a picture of a couple older guys setting together at a branding and also from watching these seemingly old, fat men and horses doing more work than the younger set! With less fuss and muss!

Old and fat?

Pot bellied men on grass bellied horses
rein chains swing to and fro
an unnoticed signal causes the horse to collect
neck arched like a full drawn bow

men are weathered and aged like the very best wine
and the bourbon that’s the favored drink
their minds are clear, ideas resolved
past even the need to think

of every move that must be made
in this equine, bovine dance
man and horse move together as one
with intent not only by chance

it’s as if they move from instinct alone
and perhaps at times they do
they look half asleep in mid morning glare
yet explode when they get the cue

the bovine erupts in a frenzied feint
hoping she might just get away
gracefully they counter her every move
not so much work as play

as you look on them you will likely take note
they are svelte, not really fat
them geezers grin on them tooled leather thrones
‘neath the shade of a wide brimmed hat

Robert Dennis May, 2010

I was out fixing on tanks, fixing fence, shutting gates and such and so forth. I seen this.

Pronghorn, Antelope, Speed Goat, Goat or Antigoat, what ever you want to call them. Pretty and fast. these two will be able to run with Mom in just a few days. Their first instinct when I drove up was to drop low in the grass and not wiggle. Never seen one this new before. She hadn’t even finished licking the second one off.

I just walked in from up the creek, where I dropped the front of the tractor into a soft spot. Gonn’a have to let it set for a few days and see if I can get it out after it dries up a bit..

I interrupt my seasonal branding photo’s for this update. We got rain! And more rain!

We had 2.5 a couple days ago. I dumped .80 out this morning and then we got 3.3 this afternoon! Man, we got water running!

I took my kayak and went down south and went floating. I attempted about a 2 or 3 foot drop off and wrecked and Cindy got it on video. If I could put that on here I would, but I can’t, but I did download it to Facebook for those of you who go there. Here are some photo’s.

Are you tired of these pictures yet? LOL

By the way, I got to thinking that perhaps I should mention that most the time we have almost the same crew at every branding. Different families and groups sharing the work. We might have a different person or two one day, but many of the same faces at each branding.

The one was called off yesterday and we are going to try them today. Me and a couple guys made a rush trip over to Sheridan and back. 4 hours and 15 minutes one way, if you set up and drive hard and don’t stop to dawdle. The car tires had some mud in them so the car would vibrate and shimmy and then it would get smooth and then start all over again. So before we left Sheridan we went to a car wash and tried to wash out the tires, but it still did it. About Moorcroft it got real bad, so we slowed down and limped into Sundance where we found as car wash and tried again. This time one guy drove back and forth a little while I washed and we must have got them clean as it was smooth sailing after that. I got some good buys over there, on stuff I needed, but still seems like I spent too much, just like I always do. Lots of snow on the tops of the Bighorns yet.

whether we are branding or not, but I mam betting we won’t. I just checked the rain gauge and it shows 2 1/2 inches! Cindy said the roads are fine and you can see where water ran down the edges, but it’s going to be pretty muddy on the dirt roads leading in to where the branding was to take place. So I am setting and waiting on a call to let me know.