Seems to like to do that a lot lately. Had some tornado’s in the area south and east of us the other night when we got all the rain. One up by Faith that made it on the Weather channel. Neighbor sat and watched one go about a half mile from him, down thru’ the breaks. He said it looks like someone took a Cat and worked up the ground and ripped up trees.

I went up past the old town of Fairpoint yesterday and helped brand. Good crew, but tuff roping in the wind. Yesterday evening, me and Gramma drove down and checked all my tanks I had been working on. all are holding water and working as they are supposed to.

The guy who has the yearling heifers here is bringing out bulls today. I need to get them moved to fresh pasture so that will work out handy.

Did you guys all check the post before the post with the poem, that had the pictures of the antelope babies? Didn’t see many comments. Sometimes I post twice or more in a day.