The one was called off yesterday and we are going to try them today. Me and a couple guys made a rush trip over to Sheridan and back. 4 hours and 15 minutes one way, if you set up and drive hard and don’t stop to dawdle. The car tires had some mud in them so the car would vibrate and shimmy and then it would get smooth and then start all over again. So before we left Sheridan we went to a car wash and tried to wash out the tires, but it still did it. About Moorcroft it got real bad, so we slowed down and limped into Sundance where we found as car wash and tried again. This time one guy drove back and forth a little while I washed and we must have got them clean as it was smooth sailing after that. I got some good buys over there, on stuff I needed, but still seems like I spent too much, just like I always do. Lots of snow on the tops of the Bighorns yet.