Horse trainer

Here’s some pictures of Brad, the young guy who starts and trains horses in this area. He does a whale of a job, is just too busy, hard to get any colt to him as he is usually full up.

10 thoughts on “Horse trainer

  1. nice lookin round pen……looks like the colt might be related to the snub horse? And from the size of Brad, I’m guessin’ colts would have a tuff time tryin’ to get any “air-time”…………….lol

    1. He just got done building that pen LE. And no, no relation between the horses. Yup, he’s a big boy. Pretty hard for a colt to hurt him or do much more than jump, out from under him, but pretty hard for them to do that also. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kay. Very simplified. There is much more going on, I just didn’t want to go into detail. I’m lazy, you know!

  2. This is the best part of your site…the photos grant an opportunity to particpate and learn. The morning fog pictures bring peace to the soul.
    Thank you.

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