Everyday is earthday to those who really care for the earth. The farmers and ranchers and loggers and fishermen and miners. If you are not making a living from the earth and protecting and taking care of what earns you a living, you probably have no real concept of what it’s like to do so.

Go blow it out your ass ecofreaks who really don’t care, but just want money and to see mankind off of this planet. Oh, all but you and your stinky friends. You are all liars, commies and idiots as far as I am concerned.

11 thoughts on “Earthday!

    1. Hell Deb, they are just a bunch of filthy ecotards. All they can do is scream and rant. They can’t whip anyone, that is why they hug trees. Then they don’t have to face a real relationship with a real person!

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