11 thoughts on “Still Brrrrr

  1. Oh my goodness, YES!!!! This morning we are scraping with a roof rake the snow piled up from the 13″ of snow we had earlier this week and then the wind help build it to about 4′ high on the roof of the garage. Suppose to get more snow the next two days…..ugh! We need melting to occur but gently!
    Been reading your blog for a year now and sure do enjoy it.
    I always dreamed of ranching, but it isn’t in the cards for my husband and I, so reading about ranch life is just a real hoot for me.

    We got to enjoy your entertaining ways twice at the event in New Hampton a couple years in a row. You sir, do wonderful poetry. It was a fun event.

    1. Thank you JJ. Shoot, just load up and come visit! You might cal first and give us a warning so we can clean a path thru’ the mess so you can get into and thru’ the house! 🙂

  2. *sigh*
    Yes, I’m tired of winter even though I know it’s a waste of time to complain.
    Down here it really isn’t spring until the First of May and then it really isn’t spring. We had 18 frost free days in 1991.

    Buck up.
    Pray for lots of moisture and keep the fire going.


  3. I sure am, I think the wind is the worst. So, tired of fighting that. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if it wasn’t for the wind. Hope you are a good day. Happy Valentines day, JB!

  4. I don’t have nearly as much cold to complain about as y’all, but it was with some dismay to see temps back close to zero and more snow this last week.

    Of course, when it’s hot, humid and windy I’ll be crabby about that – wishing for cold weather again.

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