I left here yesterday about 10 am and headed south to Nebraska to a buddy’s camp down south of the Niobrara, in the Sandhills. Cool country. Neat camp. Real cowboy. Took me an hour, seemed like, to drive the last 500 yards into the camp! We had lots of laffs and a real good visit last night and this morning while doing his chores. I left a couple young horses for him to ride while calving this spring. When he is done, they will be dirty good boogers, or we will know the reason why as Marty is pretty crafty with a colt.

That country don’t look like they’ve even had winter, compared to us. No snow to speak of and we walked around with no over shoes on. Lucky boogers. I may have to go south for the winter next year and just camp with Marty!

Glad I am home before the big blow hits that they are predicting we will get, with an inch or two of snow. Cindy stayed in tonight and may tomorrow if it gets as nasty as they are talking. But supposed to be nice by Monday. That will be Chance’s birthday and Gabe will turn 4 on Friday so we will have to run down at some point and see the kids. I have to do taxes on Tuesday so maybe Cindy will ride along and we will just head on down afterwards.

I’ll let you know if I don’t blow away! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jinglebob you mean you were that close to Pass Creek and never came by? We had freezing rain early and now it getting colder looks like snow. I am going to make a prediction here. Winter is almost over. Why you ask? Because the grouse are dancing already.

  2. Bill I was going to call and see how to get to your house, but I couldn’t get any cell service. Sure would have enjoyed visiting, but you might not have. πŸ˜‰

    I sure like the looks of that country down around there. When you cross Pass Creek, how far are you from your place and which side, tho’ I am sure you have already told me.

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