Got a dusting of snow last night and it’s only supposed to get to 16 today.

I drove Cindy in yesterday morning. She always enjoys that. She gets so tired of the 60 mile drive, one way, every day she works. And then again home.

We have friends visiting the Hills for the Stock Show in Rapid City, so we made plans to meet in Deadwood after Ciondy got off work. I dropped Cindy off about 5:40 and then I went on down to Rapid and had along breakfast and read the Sunday paper. Drove over to the events center and watched the Ranch Horse competition and seen some people I knew and met some new people. Had a guy wearing a hat tell me he voted for Obama. Now that was a first. He was serious too. Said he was from Minnesota. No wonder they voted that dink in for their Congressman when they think like he does. He wanted “change”. Hope he enjoys his change, tho’ it didn’t sound like it!

Then I drove over to the Civic Center and walked around and looked at all the vendors booths. Found lots of stuff I didn’t need. Met some more people I knew and visitied a bit. Left there and headed for Sturgis. Had to wait just a few minutes for Cindy to get off work. We got to Deadwood, hooked up with our friends and had a nice afternoon, visiting and gambling. I even won a little, tho’ Cindy lost enough to offset it! We had a good supper and headed home. Cold and snowy when we got here. Went to bed and couldn’t sleep so sat here at the computer too late into the night.

And I am off to the Stockshow again tomorrow and the next day. Going to meet up with some people I have met over the internet on Tuesday and the Bronc match is Wednesday evening. Seems like a lot of running but the winter Stockshow only comes once a year and I don’t go to the one in the Summer.I sure hate to miss a Bronc riding. Nothing but saddle broncs. No can chasers, no team ropers, no bull riders, no nothing, but bronc riders. And good ones too.

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