‘Nother nice one

It’s making up for all the hard winds and we are just getting gentle breezes. I can live with that. If I was relying on a windmill, maybe not so much, but I’m not. Got up around 2o or so and supposed to get up to 30 before the week is out.

Drove up the creek with the loader yesterday and dug wood out of the snow so Chance and Hope could cut it up. Man they burn a lot of wood! Don’t tell anyone, but Gus got to ride on the tractor with me. This one is a IH 756 with  no cab and an old Dual loader so there is a big pipe the sets up above the fuel tank, just in front of the steering wheel. Perfect place for a kid to scootch under and hang on. Of course I kept real close eye on him. I’d sure hate to drop him off the edge. Pretty tall, not to mention big tires. He loves it and usually throws a fit when you make him get off of the “ractor”. Guess he’d set long enough yesterday ‘cuz it was  no problem. We hauled a couple bales home from up there and then broke some of these bales loose from the icy clutches left over from the December blizzard. They are almost like digging them out of a glacier! Now I can feed with the team easy, to drag them out.

The team is just getting better by the day. It’s true, “the more you use them them better you’ll like them. The better you like them the more you will use them”.

Going in with Cindy tomorrow and kill time until she gets off work then going to meet up with friends who live east of here, in Deadwood.

4 thoughts on “‘Nother nice one

  1. Glad to hear the team is getting better. Had to have the hubby get the tractor book out and show me where the grandson was. He said that sure is safer than sitting on a fender! As soon as I get ready for that saddle I will call. I did like the one you made in photo #P6230002.

  2. You sure got yourself a cute pooch! It’s true, the more you use them……the more you’ll enjoy using them. We went and help the neighbor sort heifers out yesterday and he was using and old horse and a nice young one hooked together. The “other” young one was lame and he was complaining ’cause they’d just got to going so good he was turning his old mares out.

  3. I would like to see some pics of your team. My Dad farmed with horses when I was young. I can remember riding one of them to the barn when he finished working some days. He could turn them loose at the field and they went straight to the barn and started eating. My Dad walked up and lifted me off the horse. they were named Bob and Prince. great memories.

    1. Ellie if you go back aways on this blog there are pictures of them. Some from the fall when I first got them several years ago and also the next fall/winter and then just a short while back. If that don’t work, holler at me and I will post or re-post some.

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