Has it really been that long?

Thirty one years ago today, at 10 am, I was standing at the front of the church in Sturgis, watching as my future wife was being escorted up the aisle by her father. And probably most of the people setting there watching this spectacle thought it wouldn’t last!

We had to get married in January.  February March and April we were getting ready to or were calving. May we were too busy going to brandings and getting ready to hay . Summer we were haying. In the fall we were shipping calves and that is also hunting season. December would have gotten in the way of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yup, January was the only proper time.

16 thoughts on “Has it really been that long?

  1. Congrats! That is pretty awesome, I think now days marriage isn’t any where near as sacred as it used to be!! Too, easy to get divorces! I know I will make it that long, I only have another 8 more years to go yet:)

  2. Happy Anniversary! January’s a fine month to get married. They didn’t think we’d last either. We all sure showed them, didn’t we?!

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