Back to normal

At least normal for this country in January. Cold and some lite breezes. Wind finally died down last night. Going to be highs in the teens and twenties it looks like until Saturday and Sunday. They are calling for 36 on Sunday. It will feel like a heat wave.

Read somewhere on here this morning that there may be as many as 500 poles down in western SD. When talking to our rep on the Electric company the other day I asked about underground wiring. $40,000 a mile to put it in versus $17,000 a mile for over head. Maybe we just all need our own wind chargers and the company to keep them working for us! You’d think they’d figure out a cheaper way to run electricity, but I don’t have the foggiest clue as to how they would.

I sure might look into a small wind charger just to keep the house and water going during storms like this. But it’s probably not  efficient or cost effective yet or we’d all have one.

There is talk of them putting in big wind chargers in this area. And then ship the electricity out. I suppose they’d put in them great big double pole lines. Seems like it would make for expensive electricity. But probably no more expensive than generators. I would hate to pay the fuel bill to keep one of them going, tho’ I have a buddy on a ranch in Arizona and that is how they get all their electricity.

3 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. You could add solar and some battery storage to go along with the wind. Although you likely have more wind than sun this time of year. 🙂 I think the payback time is on the long side but sure would help you be self-sufficient.

  2. Neighbor down the road is looking at having a wind turbine system installed. Installation and equipment is apprx $30,000. Don’t know that actual capacity per day is, but he figures his boys will have his place by the time its paid for (thru amortization)!

  3. It would be nice at times to be “off the grid”. We’ve looked into it and it’s way too expensive but there are still a few “old” things that one can adopt 😉

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