Made it…

Left here yesterday about 12:30. Had the generator going and Chance watching things. I’d fed good and then later in the day he fed for today, real good. Did the show and got out of there about 9:30 and headed for Sturgis. I picked up Cindy as the forecast for today didn’t sound good. As it turned out, we’ve just had a lot of cold wind, but not much for snow. Maybe it is blowing hard enough that it is blowing it towards Nebraska and Iowa and just didn’t have time for any flakes to hit her! Gusting up over 50 mph they claim. Supposed to stay like this until tomorrow evening. Chance left the tractor idling in the shed so I hooked it up and we have the generator going. I sure wish they’d get the power back on. This is tiresome and expensive electricity. We sure are spoiled!

One thought on “Made it…

  1. Sure makes you wish that you lived back in the day when they didn’t have elctricity or like out here where we have Amish and they don’t use electricity. Oh, well make do, is all we can do and thank god for generators!

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