Here we go again…..

Wind is supposed to pick up towards morning and just keep building until sometime Sunday evening. That’s not so bad, but we are also supposed to get snow with it. Doesn’t look like we will get as much as they had predicted originally, but still, even a little can blow around.

I am suposed to go toHot Springs tomorrow for a gig tomorrow night. If it doesn’t get to tuff, I will go but just turn around and head home afterwards. So it will be a late night.

Sure is icy out there. Hoarfrost the last couple days and lost electricity this morning about 5:30. Came back about 9 then went off again for a spell and then back on. People north of us have been fighting it for several days.

Ahhh, winter

3 thoughts on “Here we go again…..

  1. Hey JB. Join the crowd. Power has been off here too. Got the generator running though. Fog finally lifted last night. We are tough, and we must like it cause we are still here.

    Hang in there.

  2. Hey there ole boy!!! Sure have missed you! We are getting it right now – flakes the size of Buicks and wind… I hate wind… we had rain and ice yesterday – no fun. The beef cattle all hunker down behind the barn, never it in…the dairy cows are a bunch of princess’s that never stay out for fear of frozen titties.. LOL stay warm, safe and happy!!!

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