Southeast breeze blowing and they are always cold. I hauled a bale out to the calves and unrolled part of it with the re-built bale unroller yesterday. Seemed to work great. I unloaded the left over part of it at the corral for the colts and team or who ever is in the corral. Sounds like we may get up to 7 inches of snow and the wind is supposed to blow a pretty good clip tomorrow night. Cindy went in yesterday afternoon as she hates bad roads and they sounded like they will be this morning. She said they weren’t bad but everyone was driving slow. At least some have good sense!

As cold as it is I don’t think I will be working on any sled for the grandkids right now. That’s okay, I have plenty to do in the leather shop. It’s just  matter of doing it. Aye, there’s the rub!

8 thoughts on “Wintry!

  1. Hey, have you ever heard the frost on everything (not snow like your pics), but when it frosts early in the morning and makes everything white and sparkly. i’ve heard it called “Whore frost” I think… I’ve always wondered why. just checkin’ to see if you know.

  2. howde
    been folowing your blog for some time. great read! love the upfront no holds no fear in hurt egos. Love the horses . since you like to work teams i have a site you must visit, as a tease 3100# on 4 feet go look TYLERFARM HOMESTEAD
    we live among the amish and 1 clan (prides) themselves on there horses, a large number are haflinger a greak looking animal. our area is the home of the
    annual national sale. you keep posting i’ll keep reading thanks

  3. Thanks Dave. It’s on my favorite list now! Man what a huge horse. I’d hate to have to throw the harness up on his back every day!

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