Still Wintry

Blowing good out there with gusts up to 40 mph.

Here’s some pictures from today. I went up west with the tractor and got two old bales and hauled them home and the cows followed me just like I planned. We were without power from 12:30 pm until a while ago. I had the generator running to pump water for the cows so I didn’t know until they called back from the Electric Company. Hopefully it will stay on, but it was as thick of frost as I have ever seen.

12 thoughts on “Still Wintry

  1. Those pictures are fabulous, and I hate to say it, but I am glad you have it and not me! I am sure we will get it sooner or later but I prefer later!

  2. Liz, it’s ain’t so bad. ‘Specially if you do as Linda suggests! 🙂

    Lisa I am glad we have it to. It’s moisture. I’d rather have it now than at calving, tho’ we are bound top get some then also. Now, if is just warms up afterwards and melts it off so we can get back to grazing.

    Yeah it was pretty Linda. And it was 25 and not much breeze while I took the pictures. Now that the wind is blowing and it is only a little above zero it isn’t as pretty!

  3. Great pics, JB. D’you mind if I print one or two, please?
    Have a great Christmas and remember to cuddle-up and keep warm.

  4. BRRRR!RRR!! Beautifful pics! Mr. D. !!
    (Stay warm …like Dickiebo’s suggestion… I like to cuddle up with who ever will stop long enough for me to grap hold of..grandkids are the best!!) I’ll be wishing you a very toasty warm, happy and Merry Christmas!

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