Saturday July 25

Check this out. Thanks Og for the heads up.

Chance and I rode young horses down south thru’ the neighbors, looking for lost yearling’s or a bull. Found neither. He rode a new horse we just got back from a kid. I had seen this horse at a friends and he mentioned that he was for sale, cheap. I learned all there was to learn about the horse and told a neighbor kid, well really a young man of about 22, who is riding on a bunch of yearling’s, all about him. He thought he would sure work for him. My buddy delivered hime to the young guy last Monday, with the assurance that the young man could try him for a week and if he liked him, pay for him, if not send him home. The young man called the next morning and said he had ridden him twice and didn’t want him. Had all kinds of whiney excuses, but what ever, a deal is a deal.

I was a little put out that he hadn’t gotten a hold of my friend before he left as he could have stopped and picked him up on his way home.

They get to visiting over the phone and then the young man calls me all upset about the deal. I ain’t happy and let him know it and he assurse me that he will drop the horse at my house when he comes home to visit his folks.

Next morning my buddy calls and asks if I will drive the 120 miles to go get the horse as the young man’s boss has told him he will turn him out on the hiway if he don’t come get him that day and my buddy hasn’t got time, as he has other people lined up to come to his house and do several jobs. So Chance and I go get the horse and bring him home. Chance and Hope ride him yesterday evening and get along fine. Chance rode him this morning and traded horses with me and let me ride him. Now, this horse is no spade bit packin’, never make a mistake hore. But he sure is good enough to go chase down a yearling, rope him and get the job down, if you are half a hand. Hell, Hope rode him this afternoon and we went and got 3 yearlings out of the neighbors.

I sure under estimated the young feller. It damn sure won’t ever happen again.

But I think Hope has a new horse! Cheap!

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