How do you decide who is and isn’t a friend? How do we establish the parameters?

I met a lady some years back who contacted me to build a saddle to fit her horses back, that was having some trouble. I hate it when any of God’s creature suffer and when horses do, they usually give the person they around a hard time. Trouble is most people aren’t smart enough to know that it isn’t the horses fault, they are just trying to survive and get along. But of course, the horse always gets the blame.

Jill was wise enough to think that her horse had a problem that might be caused by her saddle. Turns out, it probably wasn’t, but in the learning of this she ordered a saddle and I made her a bare bones rig to ride with some modifications, to help her horse. She loved it and when I told her she would have to send it back so I could finish it, she didn’t want to give it up, so she just ordered another one!

Now, this is not a lady who has lots of money to just throw around, but she is also a lady who loves horses and in particular, her two. So I finally got her one made this spring and she brought me the first one and took the new one home. She spent a day here and I took her to a branding and let her ride Woody, my crazy bay who very few have ever ridden. Most just ain’t good enough hands to get along with him. She did excellent and had a great time.

Over the years, we have become friends. We send emails and she has had several of the things she has sent me, copied and put on this blog. We call and laugh and tease each other and whine and complain. You know, good friends.

She started having some medical problems this spring and the doctors couldn’t quite get a handle on it. Thought it might have been a stroke, but couldn’t be sure. She is no one to tamper with idly, so she gave them hell!

When she came out this spring, she had an episode on the way, but because of a note she saw written, she read a passage in her bible, which she always keeps with her when she travels, along with her pistol, and decided after reading Psalm 91 as suggested, that it was all part of God’s plan. On her way home, she had a friend riding with her and had another episode and this time completely blacked out. Her friend took control of the pickup and got them stopped and got her in an ambulance.

She also drove her part ways home to Indiana and met her husband who took her the rest of the way. She went in for more tests. This time they found a tumor in her brain. She wasn’t going to let them do anything with it at first as she was tired of the doctors who think they are God and was fed up. But she did go on at encouragement from friends. She was not afraid of dying, but of being crippled and sick with nausea

She had surgery today. Not good news. Tumor has twice as big as it had been shortly before. The doctor implanted radioactive seeds in her brain where they took out as much of the tumor as they could. She has lost use on one side of her body for now. 

For her sake, if she has to die from this, I hope she goes quickly. As much as I hate the thought of losing my friend, I hate the thought of a vibrant, active, fun loving, always laughing and joking, lovely lady, having to suffer and pass from this world into the next, as a sickly, sad creature.

I ask all of you to pray for my friend Jill.


I’ve got lots of good friends, and she is one of my favorites.

Damn. This hurts and sucks and I need her to get better and prove them all wrong.

Give them hell Jill!

13 thoughts on “Friends

  1. In my prayers. I have a friend who is going through cancer in his kidney and hip. This is a good time for prayer all around.

  2. It’s funny how some REAL lasting friendships begin and how we hook up with people isn’t it. I’m sure she appreciates you as a very dear friend too. We’re praying for Jill here too.

  3. gun toatin, bible readin, horsewoman has got to be worth a prayer or two………I’ll add her to my list also………………..

  4. So sorry, JB. Cancer is Hell. My mom is having chemo right now and it is more horrible than our worst imaginings. She can’t even see. Hope your friend can somehow get good news or the right help or some solace from this horror.

  5. I’ll say a prayer or two for your friend, Jill. I know that God listens to all prayers and answers them with what is best. I understand all too well how sickness can suck the life out of a once vibrant person. My blessings.

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