My friends Jim and Jode left their oldest son with us, so he and Chance and I saddled up this morning and jogged out to rope a heifer who has something stuck on her ankle. Looks like a bracelet. We had a wild time, ran her thru’ several fences before me and wild Woody got her caught. I still don’t know what she had around her , but we got it cut off. It was loose enough, it hadn’t hurt her any. But it was going to.

Then this afternoon we went down and broke the cement out of the bottom of a huge tire tank and dug the dirt out and tried to find and fix a leak it had in the pipe that runs under it and brings water to it from an 18,000 gallon storage tank. We even had Fr Tyler to help us.

We patched it and left it to dry. Hopefully it will work. It sure was hot and cramped working inside a black tank when there is little to no breeze and it’s 90 degrees and humid. When we got home I took a shower!

We will ride again tomorrow morning and then run Brendan in to his folks. I hate to keep him too long. Might ruin the poor kid!