The ordination went wonderfully. Teared me up a few times and when the Bishop knelt at Tyler’s feet and asked for his blessing, it was so moving. It speaks a lot of these men who dedicate their lives to serving others.

Tyler said his first Mass at Belle Fourche on Saturday morning, as he had spent a year there with those people a couple years ago. Again, very moving and hard to explain the feeling of seeing your son, all grown up and firmly taking command of the situation and acting so priestly!

Then on Saturday evening he came out and said Mass for our small church at Red Owl, where he was nurtured and loved and got his first taste of the Church and all she stands for. It was so special. And the lady who was our music leader for quite a few years came back and lead us in the music. That was wonderful also. It felt good to have the old gang together up in the choir loft! Thanks Mary and Theresa!

Then, this morning Tyler went over and it was just us, his mother and I, his two brothers and wives and the four grandsons. Tyler said Mass and I served as his alter server. I hadn’t done that in over 40 years!

This whole experience has moved me so! Words can not express my pride and wonderment. God is great!

Thank you, all of you, who had a hand in this, the past 28 years, that led to these events!