Just thinking…

The other day while watching TV, they were talking about some bright lights in the east coast and explaining that it was most likely some piece of space junk, falling from the sky. They claimed that it would be traveling thousands of miles per hour. I thought anything that fell, reached an ultimate speed of 32 feet per second per second? So which is right?

Also they showed a map with all the satellites and junk floating around up there and it was amazing! I had no idea. Guess what? I just figured out why we’ve been having weird weather! Space junk!

Think about it. All that stuff has been sent up in the past 40 or 50 years. How long since our weather seems different? Coincidence? I don’t think so Timmy!

Makes as much sense as Al Gore and the rest of them idiots ideas, don’t you think? Not that I think we are having Global Warming, around here, mind you. Maybe climate change. But then hasn’t the climate always been changing? If it hadn’t we would still be covered with water or frozen or the Sahara wouldn’t be a desert.

Yup, it’s space junk.

When they make me King of the world, I will mandate no more space junk and matter of fact, I may just have my minions go up and shoot a bunch of that crap down. With lasers!

3 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. Robert forget space junk,lets go march on the capital in
    Ft pierr to get the goverment off our back with all Issues were faceing in the cattle business,I like the way you think,space junk is important too don’t get me wrong!

  2. Let me know when your going Debra. I will take my horses and let him poop in their hallowed halls to let them know what I think of their legislation.

    Thanks Linda, but I don’t think they let you. Maybe if you were dead and from Chicago! LOL πŸ™‚

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