April fools

Did anyone get to prank anybody. I didn’t. Yet! Bwahahahahahahaha!

I did get dug up west and hauled some bales home so I am feeling lots better about the next storm coming in this Friday. Hopefully it won’t amount to much, but right now my weather is calling for about 10 inches of fresh snow. But then next week it’s supposed to warm up. It sure was nice today.  2 of the cows we had in, calved. I kicked them out with the others and we will probably re-sort  sometime Friday.

Cindy has a heart test in Rapid tomorrow, so we will get groceries and some more pellets for the stove, if we can find any. Maybe some more ammo. You can’t have too much ammo! Might have to shoot a pesky varmint or some such!

I wrote a new poem today also. When I’ve let it set and distill for a bit I will share it with you.

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