Sunday 6/3/07

Here you go Pixie!

Now you see why I call him Frankie Blue Eyes?

Ain’t he “purdy”?

The reason I have this horse, is because we went to a horse sale one fall. Chance was making rude comments ’bout Paint horses that day. Maybe cuz’ the guy ahead of us in line, had a bunch of Paint colts.

Now, I am not a great admirer of Paint horses. Some of them are down right ugly. Too much white, especially around the face and over the back. Yet, sometimes mouthy kids need to be put in their place.

We were setting inside the salebarn, watching the sale when they ran Frankie in. He was just a weaned babt colt. After I got past all the color and them glassy blue eyes, I realized that he was a nice made colt. And he wasn’t bringing too much. So I bid on him. Chance realized about then what I had done and said to me with a very indignate tone in his voice, “You ain’t bidding on him, are you? That’s a Paint! Paint’s ain’t no good!”

I have know of a few who were and they looked about like Frankie, so when the auctiouneer knocked him off to me, at a very low price, I was all smiles.

I tried to explain that this colt would grow up to be a flashy, good lookin’, rascal and that someday down the road, if we got him nice and gentle enough, someone who wanted a pretty horse, would gladly buy him from us and probably pay a good price. It’s called an investment.

Chance always thought I had done the wrong thing. Maybe still does. The beauty of it is, last spring when he was working for a neighbor, he got to put quite a few rides on Frankie. LOL

He even admitted that he had some cow sense. Said he roped a cow and helped the boss doctor one, off from Frankie last spring.

I kind of like Frankie. We covered quite a bit of ground in a very short time, running yearlings around the pasture yesterday and he never turned a hair. (That is cowboy talk for, “I had him at a run and he never made a bobble”.)

Admittedly, Frankie is still a little fearful of people on the ground, but once he finds out you aren’t going to eat him and you step across him, he covers the ground pretty nice and Chance even drug a few calves out with Frankie this spring, at a branding. Matter of fact, when we brand next week, I think Chance should ride Frankie and rope and hold a few calves. After all, they both need the practice! 🙂

Oh, Frankies named used to be Victor, named for a young Indian man who was had that name in a movie I really enjoyed. Cuz Victor (said in my best rez talk voice) “he’s my war pony”. That was the way they talked and sounded in the movie and it sounded about like the folks I know who live on or near some of our reservations. and everyone knows that ALL Indians ALWAYS rode painted horses. Yup, sure they did. No cowboys ever got bucked off either!

Someone told me that to cal him that, for that reason, was being kind of racist, but I don’t think it is. I treat all people the same and think of all people the same, no matter race, color or creed. Hey, I make fun of everybody and like all kinds! Well, maybe not liberals, so much. 😉

I don’t even have a predjuice against Paint horse, for goodness sakes!

Maybe I need to post a picture and a story about Chink, next. I named him that because his daddy’s name was Chinaman. My wife says I can’t do that. I said, “why not?” She said I might offend someone. So when am I ever going to have this horse around any Chinese people? He’ll probably get his name changed when we go to riding him, anyway.

People just try to make the world too confusuing!

Guess I could call him chinks and say I named him after the short chaps we wear! But that would be a lie and I don’t lie. BS a little once in awhile, but I don’t lie!

Did I mention yearlings are stupid?

And lots of people, also? 😉

Well at least they both act that way, lots of times!

2 thoughts on “Sunday 6/3/07

  1. Thank you for our pony fix! We like Frankie! It is way past bedtime and we just got in~~ Can we go to bed??? NOPE we have to see the ponies! We approve–so you have to keep him :o)

  2. ps Tell the “brat in the hat” he can’t talk bad about ‘ol Frankie any more!:o) We like him!

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