Saturday 6/2/07

Here you go Maddie, heres your pony pic of the day from Uncle Bob. 🙂

This is the second filly born. She’s gonn’a have a lot of chrome and be pretty fancy, looks like.

Tris and I rode south today and moved some yearling heifers and their accompying bulls, into another pasture. It’s a small pasture and I’ll need to move them to fresh pasture in a couple days. One with a sore foot, so I need to go doctor her.

The girls ran and circled and just acted like utter fools! Yearlings are sooooo stupid!

This afternoon after Cindy got home, I saddled up Ol’ Frankie Blue Eyes and rode up west to check and move some yearlings. Frankie ain’t had a lot of riding so I wanted someone home to come looking for me in case we had a wreck. By the way, he’s named Frankie Blue Eyes not because he sings so well, but because he has glassy blue eyes. Pretty original, huh?

Frankie acted good, once he was caught and we rode up there. The yearling steers and spayed heifer mates ran around in cirlces and acted like utter fools! Do we see a pattern here? 😉

Yearlings are sooooo stupid!

Usually I have a lead steer or some of my cows running with them to provide a calming influence, but seeing as how we haven’t branded yet, I hate to turn the cows with any of them and have to sort them off from all them stupid yearlings and knock pounds off. I am, after all, getting paid by the owners of the yearlings to put weight on.

Did I mention yearlings are stupid?

I’ll try and have a new pony pic tomorrow, for you Mad. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Saturday 6/2/07

  1. Uncle Bob, I love the ponies! Thanks for all the pictures ~~ Madison

    We are enjoying the daily pictures…we pick one of the Pony pictures for the background on the computer every day! Today we put the new filly up! What a pretty girl! Any names yet?

  2. No names yet. They name themselves when you get to working with them. Fillies are harder to name than colts for me. LOL

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