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Kids came out yesterday afternoon.

There is a baby shower for them here in a little while at the hall. We are going to church and then to the shower. Chance fixed some fence today while I worked on a saddle. Didn’t get a lot done. But it rained and it’s a little muddy out there, so no big deal. Things will start getting a lot busier in another week. BRANDING SEASON! WOO HOO. Can’t hardly wait.

I decided that Gus was big enough to go for his first ride. So I took some pictures.

We had another nice day.

Chance ran the horses in and Tate and Gabe came out, so me and Gabe took the tractor and fed the cows while Tate and Chan rode. Gabe HELPED drive. Man, that kid can grab levers! LOL

I worked with my stud too. Got him better about working with his feet.

Tate and Chan dug a shallow ditch and buried some cable, coming in from the road, for the satellite dish. Now I will be able to let the horses in the yard to “mow” the grass. 🙂

After dinner we harnessed up the draft horses. Dandy is scared to death of the stone boat that he had the run with last time. We drove him and drove him and finally got him to where he would walk over by it and almost relax. Then as we drove him off, he got his harness hooked on a gate hook. Tore his harness up and now I’ll have to fix on that. I left them in the corral and fed them hay off from the stone boat. He will either decide that the stone boat isn’t so scary or he will go hungry. His sister was eating off it as I left.

Fine drove real good.

Then Chance and Hope and Gus left and Tate and Gabe are still here.


Bein’ old and fat ain’t for sissies!

Been pretty “horsey” around here the last couple of days. Brad, a young man from this area who is working in California with a trainer out there, came home for his folks’ 30th anniversary party this past week, so we had a small clinic yesterday. Chance and Hope and Gus got here yesterday morning to spend the weekend, so Chance and I and several neighbors worked with our horse under Brad’s excellent tutelage. We had lots of fun and learned or re-learned some good stuff.

Then today Chance and I worked with the 4 yearlings and I worked a two year old a little and Chance put a ride on a 4 year old that was going pretty good last year, but has been turned out for most of the past year. “Dean” did well and pretty much rode off like a broke horse. Chance rode out and checked the cows while I finished up with my 2 year old.

I bought Dean as a yearling. Snippy’s Cowboy bred horse. He’s always looked rough and is always skinny. I’ve wormed and fed him extra, but I guess he’s just a hard keeper. I even fed him some medicine for ulcers last year, but it didn’t seem to help.

Trimming and training on colts is hard on this old fat man!

Sorry, forgot to take the camera, but Brad’s wife took some pictures yesterday, so eventually I might have some pictures to share.

Now I’m going to relax and maybe go work on the saddle I’m building.

If I wasn’t fighting a bad cold, this maybe wouldn’t have been so hard on me!

Hope your day went well. 🙂

We got some more moisture the last couple of days. Some rain and then it turned to snow during the night. Maybe a quarter to half an inch.

I’m sure back east, that wouldn’t seem like much, but for this country, it’s a good start. We may be up to 2 inches for the year, by now. It’s all good! 🙂

Here’s the latest pix of Gus. I even got him to smile for Grampa!:)

Being a baby is awful hard work. Sure tires a feller out.

I won the lottery! Wow! I never thought I would ever hit the big one. I am just so excited……..

April fools! Heh, heh, heh.”)

Aww, if only it were true. Think of all the good I could do if I won.

Oh well, it’s a pretty cheap way to get to dream.

On a truer note, we got over an inch of moisture out of the last little deal that came thru. The sun came out the next day and the 3 inches of wet snow we got during the night, melted right off. It’s all good. I love mud! 🙂

Chance and Hope and Gus brought Cindy home last night, as she left her car at the body shop to fix the damage that a deer had done a couple weeks ago. So she drove the little purple 4 wheeler in to work this morning. Hopefully they will have her car fixed soon enough that she won’t have to drive it too long, or worse yet, my Dodge Ram. She doesn’t like to drive Teddy, (I named him Teddy as he’s sure a rough ridin’ S.O.B.) as it doesn’t do that good on fuel. Funny…I bought it so I could have an all around vehicle to pull the trailer and still get fuel economy, but I guess somebody forgot to tell Teddy that, everyone else was getting 20 mpg with their dodge pickups with Cummin’s diesel’s. Oh well, at least it pulls the trailer good and so far (knock on wood) I haven’t had much for problems with it. And in just another 5 to 10 years, it will be paid off! 😉


If any of you get any extra moisture, just send it on over to us.;)

Here’s a picture of Gus from last weekend. Ain’t he cute?