It’s been awhile since I sat down and wrote anything, so I’ll try and give you all an update. When I started this, I didn’t intend to use it as a daily diary, but more as a journal, so the entries will tend to be scattered. Sorry if that is an inconvenience for any of you.

First of all, thank you all for the comments. I appreciate it and know that I am not just writing this stuff for my own musings.

Second, I will try and post any new poems or stories here, as I write them. Seeing as how I don’t do that very often, that is write new stuff, don’t get all excited. LOL

I just got back from Iowa. We went back to New Hampton, which is in the northeastern corner of the state. We had a great time and did 3 shows. 2 were either sold out or almost sold out. This is the second year for the shows and this year we did a Saturday afternoon show, which we didn’t do last year. It went well, but it was a smaller crowd. I did sell over 20 books, so that was great. I talked to 2 different ladies who were interested in putting on shows in their towns and were wondering about cost of getting any of us poets. So maybe some of us will venture forth again to that part of the country.

Gale Patzloff went this year for the first time and he had them rolling in the aisle’s! Marty Blocker was there and then me. I did mostly songs as both Marty and Gale do poetry. I found out that I need to make a CD with some of the songs I do and mix in a story or two and some of my poems. Now….if I can just get the money rounded up to pay for that venture. It could be a pretty big project, what with getting permission from the people who wrote the songs that I want to do, along with the actual work of making the CD.

I went to Spearfish last week and did a show with a couple of nice guys. One, Hank Harris, just made a CD of the music that you would have heard if you were in Deadwood, during the gold rush. Very good!

Hank has a small studio where he made the CD, so it might be possible to do the recording there. I would like to have Chance play lead guitar on many of the songs and perhaps get Hank (who is a very accomplished musician in his own right) to accompany me also. I don’t want a Nashville sound tho’ and over produced. Just simple, clear, rendering of the songs I like to sing, with more emphasis on the story in the song than the music that accompanies the words. Guess I’m just fussy!

This is the week of the Stockshow, so I will probably be going to Rapid City at least once or twice. I have friends from around the country coming in so I will have to meet up with them. And it looks like we are in for a taste of winter. Friday it’s only supposed to get up to about 7 degree’s for a high! Oh well, we have got by real cheap so far.

Enough for now, I better get to work!

3 thoughts on “1-29-07

  1. I vote for the CD as well. Would it have Seven Spanish Angels on it? I would for sure buy it then… since you were always supposed to sing it at my wedding.

    -Kristi (minnie)

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